About me

Hello! I'm Eugene Alexeev. Welcome to my newsletter “Think and Invest”. Having over a decade of experience in IT industry, I would like to share my knowledge and experience about starting and running your own business, investing, and finance in general.

I am sure that this newsletter will be useful for people who would like to be financially independent and be smart about their finance, investing and life.

My projects

Currently I am a founder of numfin.com - a stock research tool for private investors. We cover 60,000+ companies (like Apple, Tesla, Amazon and others), across 70 stock exchanges worldwide. The tool is available on 25 languages.

I run a YouTube channel called "Finance Talking," where I share insights and tips on finance and investing.

Additionally, I host the podcast "Value Investing Talks," where I discuss various topics and interview industry experts.

Finance Talk YouTube Channel

Value Investing Talks Podcast


Thank you for joining my Substack subscription. I look forward to sharing valuable content and engaging with you on our finance and investing journey.

All information on this website is sharing my own experience and is not a financial advice. It is only for educational and entertaining purposes.

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Have over a decade of business experience in IT. I am also a private investor, sharing my knowledge and experience.